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What we love about platinum bullion is that it is a precious metal with as much to offer investors as its gold and silver counterparts. As with gold and silver you can invest in platinum coins and bars at varying denominations. You can now make the world’s rarest precious metal a part of your portfolio! That’s exciting!

As you are checking out our platinum coins you will see that many platinum coins from a given country are of the same coin series as silver and gold coins from that same country. For example, the Platinum American Eagle very closely resembles the gold and silver Eagles that the US mint has been producing since the 1980s. While this is not always the case as some countries will try to create an entirely different series in platinum.

As always one of the most important aspects of any coin is the amount of the metal that can be found in it. Most platinum coins are entirely platinum with a tiny bit of copper. You will most often find that a large majority of platinum coins are comprised of 99.95% (.9995) platinum.

Check out a few of our platinum options we have ready and waiting for you!


American Platinum Eagle
Platinum Bars
Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf
Australian Platypus

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