The Economy is doing GREAT! Happy Veterans Day! BS!

Buy Gold Buy SilverI have questioned why we are being fed by every single media outlet that the economy is doing great on a weekly basis.  If the economy is doing that great, wouldn’t it speak for itself? We wouldn’t have to be reminded all the time that things are going well.

This psychological play has worked well for a very long time and not just about the economy.  Think about it…but finishing read this first!

You see, if I am being told that something is doing great over and over again, but I am not seeing it or experiencing any rewards from it, then I must be the exception.  It’s doing/going well for the millions of others I have never met or have anything to do with that must live outside my bubble. What I/we don’t see is that most everyone else has the same mentality, it’s not getting better for me, I must be the exception.  The world and our nation is big enough that the media has no problem making up our minds for us because there is no way that we can validate it all for ourselves (in most all cases).  Get it?

Yes, somewhere there are people and businesses (and politicians) who are benefiting from our economy and they are indeed growing in wealth and security. Look at this new tax proposal, for proof of that. that will tell you who is being catered to, these are the ones benefiting from our “growing” economy.  Don’t get me wrong, the proposed tax bill isn’t all bad, just most of it.  Please read about it – I’ll cover it soon in a post – once we know it is in fact going forward.  What you’ll find is that those of us struggling in the middle class will have a few more burdens added to us, while a few are taken away. That which is being taken away will not equal that which is being added to us, directly (or indirectly). In many cases it looks like us proletariat types lose again.   They claim to be simplifying the tax codes, that’s bogus. It’s as an old Indian saying goes, it’s like cutting two feet of fabric from the top of a blanket, sewing it to the bottom and pretending you have a longer blanket.

Here’s something that the media is not covering as it deserves.  If our economy is growing and doing as well as we are lead to believe, why are we paying more for nearly everything? I know that’s very general, however, I know for a fact my monthly bills have gone up, substantially in some areas, while I attempt to cut corners and save. From gas to groceries to home insurance, to electricity bills, property taxes, health insurance (which we can’t afford – I never thought I would be thankful for my USMC injuries or brag on the VA, but if it were not for the VA I would have no coverage at all). I can’t think of anything that has gone down in price and we certainly aren’t seeing bigger paychecks or wages. Aren’t these some of the tell-tale signs of a bettering economy?

I can see some arguments against that last point, maybe it’s just my bubble, maybe the rest of the nation is seeing higher wages and/or lower prices.  Let’s look at something that is a bit harder to argue.

I have posted on this earlier this year, you may have read it: the retail collapse.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the financial crisis and through the “recovery”.  In 2008 when the financial crisis was near its worst, there was an all time record smashed. That smashed record was the number of retail stores that closed. In 2008 you’ll find that number to be nearly 6,200 retail stores closed for the year.

Here we are in 2017, having been in an economic recovery for years, such a grand recovery that interest rates have increased, jobs are getting easier to get, low unemployment rates have been breaking records, it’s awesome – oh, wait…

We still have two months of reporting to go in 2017 and we can find that there have been over 6,700 stores close so far this year, with news of more happening weekly.  CNN even covered it, you can read the article here.

In 2008 we smashed a record with retail store closings, no one thought we’d ever seen numbers near that level again.  Oh well. Here we are smashing the all time record number of closures, with two months remaining.

I know what some of you may be saying, it’s and online shopping that’s killing the brick and mortar stores.  It is true that Amazon and online shopping has made a dent, however, online sells, according to US Department of Commerce, accounts for a mere 10% of purchases. It’s not online shopping that’s killing the retail market. Here’s a link to where you can find all this information from the US Department of Commerce itself, showing the break down.  It’s not Amazon doing this.



If things are going so well, why are we hearing about the tidal wave of homelessness hitting all over America?  Here in San Diego it is a problem of epidemic proportion, so much so the city of San Diego is having to wash the sidewalks and streets with bleach! We have an outbreak of hepatitis A that is beyond frightening! Not to mention beyond disgusting!  There are homeless “tent cities” popping up every where in cities all over the west coast. I didn’t even bother looking up reports for east coast homeless epidemic, reading about the problem on the west coast was enough to tell me we have some serious, serious issues happening!

Want to get really upset? Well, guess what? Some have claimed that for one year’s worth of taxes that has been put in to the “wars” in the middle east, we could have fed and housed all of the homeless with plenty of cash to spare.  Ironically, many of the homeless you meet are veterans of the very wars that have helped force them to homelessness.

As long as the war machines keeps growing, our economy will be doing well – what a shameful farce! That is only true for those in political power and those who are already multi-million and billionaires, sure, war is prosperous for them.

For those of us who have served in this countries great military, it’s debilitating.  We have now topped 22 service members committing suicide each and every day!  Veterans across the board are 22% more likely to commit suicide than those who have never served. This is according to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs!! Here’s the report!

There is a massive opioid addiction problem, one I have seen and experienced first hand,  and other substance abuse problems among our veterans but our politicians want to use our taxes to…forget it, no one cares anyway, especially our elected “leaders”.

I’m too angry to continue.

Happy Veteran’s Day.


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