Gold Prices and Premiums

Biy gold buy silverWe have seen some pretty big jumps in the price of gold over the last decade.  This is called the “spot” price, the price you hear on the news or when you view a ticker that displays precious metal prices, as the one you on the home page of our website here.

As you can see the cost to buy an ounce of gold is higher than the published “spot” price.  There are many factors that contribute to the price of an ounce of gold before you take possession of it, one of course being the relative cost of minting a one troy ounce of refined gold into one ounce coins or bars.

Before you take possession of your coins from Pacific Coin Exchange (or any other dealer) the coins ship from large mints like the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint of Canada to select authorized dealers (there are very few of these), who in turn ship them licensed dealers like Pacific Coin Exchange before these beautiful coins find their way into your hands.

The difference between the dealer price and the “spot” gold price is known as the “premium.” When all the charges are calculated in the premiums set between the many dealers you can find can vary quite a bit. At Pacific Coin Exchange we have some of the lowest premiums you can find because we don’t add brokerage fees, commissions or any other hidden charges/fees as you will find when you buy from most other dealers.

All of this combined is why you find different dealers with different prices for the exact same gold coin. In my opinion it is best to stay away from those who charge commissions and fees, unfortunately you may not know about the commissions and fees until you get your invoice, after you have paid for your coins! Be careful!

Cut your risk factor and just buy gold from Pacific Coin Exchange, we have the most transparent system you’ll find, period. Why take chances? Buy gold from Pacific Coin Exchange where you know you’ll get more metal for your money and more money for your metals!

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