Our leaders are liars and perverts, while our enemies prepare.

Buy Gold Buy SilverI get it, the title is a bold statement. Are all our “leaders” liars and perverts? When it comes to doing their elected jobs, we know that a lot of them are, are all? Probably.

The dots just keep getting brighter and brighter.  Bitcoin jumps up over $9945 today, the stock markets are not only in the green but smashing records…again…hitting 23,836 today (11/28/17). Despite it all, gold is holding. That speaks volumes and shows confidence.  I think metals may see another dip in the coming week or so. We’ll see. There was a news today that may push everything up.

You probably heard that NK tested another missile…my question us what is this supposed to distract us from? There’s a ton to choose.

There are a lot of issues that we are facing as a nation and world wide (how’s that for an understatement?).  While we are being distracted by Bitcoin’s crazy skyrocketing feats and sexual predators – which…I am already jumping off topic, what’s new?

I have to assume you have heard that our tax dollars are going out as settlements so these perverts in “power” on capital hill, the same ones that are voted in again and again, so that they can continue to do the amazing jobs that they are in congress. So far I’ve read it has been to the tune of over $17 Million in sexual misconduct settlements! Yet, we are just peons, you and me, we don’t deserve to know where our money is going. As one “icon” in the senate stated (one that has paid out, allegedly, one more than one occasion so to cover his sexual misconduct) at least it’s not $17 Billion. If we knew the truth, I’m guessing it could very well be!  We’ll sit back and allow this to continue, those in congress and those whose secrets they know are above and beyond the law.

What a great way to spend your and my hard earned dollars, bailing out a pervert so that he can grope an intern or reporter or whomever they please. It’s only $17 million since 1997, so who cares, right?  Don’t forget that our government is here to help you and me, and spending your tax dollars to hush these victims so to ensue these _______ (fill in the blank) stay in power is in yours and my best interests.  Besides, you and I could never live our own life without the government tell us what we can and can’t do, while doing whatever they please and you and I pay for it, with a smile on our faces.

How is this happening?  Seriously? Do I even need to ask that?  We are crumbling. Every body else around the world seems to be preparing for this, except us.

Russia and China are preparing more than anyone (or so it seems), and some can argue quite strongly that Russia and China will soon run this planet (more than their influence already does) sooner than later.

How do you control the world? That’s simple, you control the money, in whatever form it may take and/or be – gold, paper and/or digital – let’s look at the gold, as that still, in light of all the cryptocurrencies, gold is what our enemies are picking up.

We already know China’s story, I’ve covered (and will continue to cover) China, to the best of my ability anyway. Russia has been stepping up their game too!

Russia has been setting records with their gold purchases according to what regulators at the World Gold Counsel (WGC) are reporting, that Russia is reporting.  The question is what are they not reporting (Russia and the WGC)?

Here’s more proof that these two power houses, China and Russia, are combining forces to make sure that the US no longer holds control as we have grown so accustomed to.

Here’s an article by Bloomberg, connecting some dots:

Russia’s state-owned Far East Development Fund is in talks to create a $1 billion joint venture to invest in the country’s mining industry with China National Gold Group, a government controlled producer of the precious metal.

“We and China Gold will create an attractive financial platform that private investors can take part in and make money,” Alexey Chekunkov, head of the fund, said in an interview in Danang, Vietnam, where he attended an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation business forum. “Our first goal will be to invest in gold, precious metals and copper projects.”

The parties may sign an agreement to create the mining fund by the end of the year, he said. The fund will begin with about $500 million before expanding and may make its first investment in 2018. Far East Development and China Gold will each invest $100 million, with a further $300 million from private investors, Chekunkov said.

Chinese investors’ interest in opportunities in Russian metals and mining has grown this year. Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov’s family has agreed to sell 10 percent of Polyus PJSC, the nation’s biggest gold miner, to a group led by China’s Fosun International Ltd. for almost $900 million. The deal is expected to be closed next year. Billionaire Oleg Deripaska also sold a $500 million stake in his En+ Group Plc to China’s AnAn Group.

We’ve been saying that the world is changing for many, many years and it has been. Our military is weaker, our dollar is dying, more and more are going digital and to physical metals.  Our youth seem to feel that socialism (with most being completely ignorant as to what the truly means), the same form of rule that has never worked, is the way of the future.

There is a level of corruption in our government that is staggering and that is what we are being shown, who knows the truth, if there is a truth to be had with the government.  It seems to be that we are becoming a laugh factory for the world’s amusement.   We are losing our grip, this can be seen every single day.  We have a long way to fall, sadly, we are picking up velocity.  Do you have insurance? I hope so, I fear you are going to need it sooner than you may realize.

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