I know I have been a little lax on my blog posts this week. I have a great excuse. This week has been extremely busy for us at Pacific Coin Exchange! As you can imagine there are a lot of people looking to take advantage of these silver and gild prices and they are finding that at Pacific Coin Exchange we have some of the best prices you cab find. This week has sure proven that. There are a lot of “shoppers”, first timers in to Pacific Coin Exchange this week who bought, and I can’t blame them! Could gold go down further? Sure it could and that’s ok, because we know that in the long term it has no where to go but up.  Today has been crazy busy as well and it’s already 5 0’clock. My post for today is a bit different. I sold some palladium today, another guest was in the store and over heard the conversation I had with the lady who bought palladium, so I thought that would be a fun post. So here’s a tiny bit info on palladium.

Palladium coins are a form of coinage made out of the rare silver-white transitional metal palladium. Palladium is internationally recognized as a form of currency under ISO 4217 . Sierra Leone issued the first palladium coins in 1966. Since then a number of countries have issued palladium coins, including Canada, Russia which hosts the most palladium reserves, France, China, Australia and others. Most of these have been minted in to special commemorative coins.

Palladium is a great addition for your precious metal investment strategies. Whatever your favorite palladium coin or bar may be let us know and if we don’t already have it in stock we’ll do all we can to get it for you at the industries best price!

Canadian Palladium Maple
Palladium Bars

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