Smarter Assets ™

SmarterAssetPhotoWe call Smarter Assets™ those categories of assets that can protect your savings during times of social, political or economic crisis. For the past decade we have witnessed terrorist attacks, financial upheavals, three wars and the collapse of American real estate values—proof indeed that we are not insulated from such catastrophes even in the United States. Historically, of course, humans have turned to gold and silver but today, unfortunately, we are more apt to look to savings accounts, retirement funds, annuities, equities and real estate instead of precious metals—personal assets that you can physically own and control. And yet many financial advisers are still directing their clients towards such suspect investments despite the fact that gold and silver have far outperformed other investments during this decade. Here at Pacific Coin Exchange we believe that you should invest in the future not in the past!

Financial advisers who direct people away from investment in precious metals typically focus on fluctuations in the spot price of gold and silver over a short period instead of taking a longer range perspective. Studies have demonstrated, for example, that vintage American gold and silver coins have outperformed most other assets over the past 40 years. And vintage coins have never been confiscated by the federal government as gold was during the depression. So if it is smart to diversify your portfolio by investing in precious metals, it is even smarter to include rare coins in the mix to further insulate yourself against fluctuations in the spot price of these metals. And keep in mind that certain coins are even eligible for inclusion in your qualifying IRA or 401k account.

Finally, if the current debt crisis in the U.S. and Europe has eroded your confidence in the dollar (and the euro as well) you might want to consider investing some cash in utility silver (pre-1965 circulated American silver coins) which not only have intrinsic value as silver but can be used in trade for goods and services, a currency which is impervious to a rapid decline in the purchasing power of the dollar.

Please feel free to call one of our Wealth Preservation Specialists at PCE so that we can start you on an investment program to meet your specific needs.

If you want to buy gold, or buy silver, sell gold or sell silver in San Diego or anywhere in the continental US you need to stop by or give Pacific Coin Exchange a call today!


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