Bullion San DiegoBullion encompasses coins and bars that are valued only for their precious metal content. Bullion is best used as a means of addressing short term inflationary fears and uncertainty. We believe that bullion offers our client the absolute best short-term protection and performance when compared to all other types of precious metals assets.

Gold bullion comes in the form of coins and bars of various types, sizes and weights.  Gold and other precious metal bars come in a variety of sizes and weights from as small as one gram worth a few dollars to the popular tenth, quarter, half ounce, one ounce, ten ounce, one hundred ounce and one thousand kilogram bars as well as the traditional beautiful 400 ounce bars or ingots used by large companies and institutions.

When you buy gold you buy it at a price and a premium over the spot price (“spot price” is the current market price), the spot price, current market price, can change or fluctuate throughout the day.  The smaller the bar or coin the larger the premium.  The cost to create a gold coin can be higher than bars as a coin is struck to a much better finish, meaning you may pay a bit more for most coins for the same weight of gold.

It is safe to say that gold bullion coins provide a hedge against this currency debasement and devaluation we are experiencing. Unfortunately when investors search the Internet for information about gold investments many find themselves getting confused by the many sites that promote numismatic and collector coins, which sell at high premiums to their gold content. Gold bullion coins, on the other hand, sell at small premiums over the value of their gold content and make the best gold investments!

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