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San Diego Coin Assets ImageWe encourage you to review the documented investment performance of coin assets as reported in studies and articles from such sources as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, Pennsylvania State University and the Journal of Financial Planning. You will discover that while coin values fluctuate like any asset, rare coins have enjoyed some of the highest rates of long-term appreciation during their bull market cycles.

Historic United States gold coins assets are another category of real gold assets favored by today’s investors and collectors. Available in independently certified and graded conditions, they are popular among investors and collectors alike.

Prudent investors and collectors have found that rare and historic coins offer several benefits of significant importance in today’s unsettled economy. By understanding the advantages of historic rare coins, you can make a wise investment decision.

Tangible assets like gold and silver coins can add a solid measure of safety to your portfolio. A 1984 study by the New York University School of Business* echoes the advice of many financial advisers by recommending investors place 5% to 10% of their total investment portfolio in tangible assets like precious metals and rare U.S. coins.

A similar conclusion was found in a study dated February 1995 by Raymond E. Lombra, Professor of Economics, Pennsylvania State University.†The report found that diversifying a portfolio with a 5% holding of gold bullion and a 5% holding of historic gold and silver coins “would have increased portfolio returns at the same time that it decreased overall portfolio risk.”

Within the context of his 20-year study, Professor Lombra concluded that owning gold and historic coins “is both warranted and prudent.” Other studies also discuss the benefits of including gold and historic coins in one’s portfolio.

The strong long-term price appreciation of rare gold and silver coins in a variety of economic cycles makes them important assets with which to diversify your investment holdings.

The market values of rare coins are based upon a variety of factors including mintage, rarity, condition, and demand. These factors contribute to the chief determinant of the price of all assets: the law of supply and demand.

Our most popular coin assets all have intrinsic value from their precious metal content. Consider the $20 Liberty gold coin: each contains nearly a full ounce of gold (0.9675 oz.). Its value is at least consistent with the value of that amount of gold. Further, these coins typically appreciate in value when precious metals markets surge.

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