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2011 Silver Eagles

The crushing demand for Silver Eagles has been astounding. The West Point Mint has created absolutely perfect Mint State 70 2011 Early Release U.S. Burnished Silver Eagles. A burnished coin is minted under the most exacting conditions imaginable. To start, each person at the mint must wear special gloves when handling each coin. Normally Silver Eagles fall into a vat with the other Silver Eagles as they are being minted which creates nicks and scratches as they hit other coins. When a coin is burnished it is hand placed individually on a special holding table. Then it is taken by the mint polishing department and hand polished, front and back, to create a flawless Silver Eagle. Each burnished coin receives the perfect grade of Mint State 70 but only a very small portion achieve the Early Release designation which means the coin is one of the very first coins struck on newly polished dies – the absolute PINNACLE for these amazing new West Point Mint coins. The “Early Release” term specifically means that only those coins certified as being released from the mint during the first 30 days of issue can obtain this premium grade designation. Only a minuscule number of the coins mentioned in this offering were blessed with the Early Release designation.
Cameo Proof 70 Silver Eagle

There are also Cameo Proof 70 Silver Eagles with the Early Release designation to be on the look out for. The mint highly polishes their dies which in turn allows the field of the coin to have a mirror finish and the high points of the coin to have that sought after Cameo (frost like finish).  Collectors know quality and value go hand in hand. They always look for the highest grade they can find. The higher a coin’s grade, the higher a coin’s value. Everything depends on quality! That’s why collectors will stop at nothing to get there hands on flawless specimens. Coin grades and first release designation are certified and guaranteed. In the rarities atmosphere of MS70, Silver Eagles have soared to market prices that can only be characterized as astounding.


Here are just a few examples:

  • 1988 MS70 Silver Eagle – $2,810
  • 1991 MS70 Silver Eagle – $3,690
  • 1994 MS70 Silver Eagle – $1,660
  • 1996 MS70 Silver Eagle – $5,340
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