While rare coins have been of great interest to numismatists (i.e. coin collectors) for many years, they have only recently come into their own as a means of investment. Bullion (as coins or bars) has, of course, long been a vehicle of investment and now can even be included in your Roth or sep-IRA. Though the latter is not the case for rare coins, investing in them can be a rewarding experience for they often outperform bullion and are less susceptible to rapid swings in the spot price of precious metals. However care should be taken by any beginner in the field.

First, make sure you are doing business with a reputable dealer. Second, make sure the coins are properly graded for, as most experienced collectors know, the quality of the coin can greatly affect its value. So the inexperienced should only buy rare coins that have been graded and authenticated by recognized third-party services. Even better is to purchase graded, slabbed coins (those encapsulated in plastic), keeping in mind that the value of the coins displayed in various coin catalogs is usually less than what it would be if the same coin is slabbed. Pacific Coin Exchange works with the major grading services and is proud of its reputation for integrity. Our experienced numismatists will be happy to answer any questions you might have, and, if you are able to get to our store in Carlsbad, CA, will evaluate any rare coins you already own.

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