Why Buy Silver?


In many respects the answer to this question is the same as for gold: silver provides a safe haven for your assets in times of financial insecurity. Like gold, silver has been valued for its beauty, its rarity and its malleability and, like gold, it has been used as currency. The unit price of silver, however, is considerably less than that of gold making it much easier to acquire (though many analysts have pointed out that it is currently undervalued given its historical relationship to the price of gold). And while silver is also a scarce commodity, it has a variety of uses in addition to the ornamental. In fact it has so many industrial applications that most analysts are predicting a long-term bull market in silver as demand continues to grow in the developing world and as the western economies recover from recession.

Silver bullion (in the form of bars or coins) is of course subject to fluctuations in the spot price of silver. So while it is imperative that you diversify your assets so that 10-20% of your portfolio is in precious metals, it is also important to diversify within your precious metal holdings. This is why we favor adding vintage silver coins to your portfolio. Despite the recent rapid increase in the spot price of silver, vintage coins are still quite reasonable, easy to store and have great upside potential. We are happy to announce that Pacific Coin Exchange has access to one of the largest supplies of vintage silver coins in the U.S., available to you at the lowest possible prices. For our opinion of the best value in value in rare silver coins today, speak to one of our advisors at PCE.

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