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Buy Gold Buy SilverOne, I know I did not get to the week in review for last week, I’ll cover that very briefly, then I want to hit on a topic I’ve covered a couple times, but it keeps popping up, in  big way.

First a quick review of last week’s metal markets:

Gold opened last week at $1,234, traded as high as $1,255, which is where we are today, $1255 (Monday, July 24) and as low as $1,232. Gold closed for the week at $1,254, up $20 for the week, not bad.  The dollar fell to 94 on the index, that’s a low we haven’t seen in a while, many are saying that is the reasoning behind gold’s jump.

Silver opened last week at $16.05, traded as high as $16.44 and as low as $16.05.  Silver closed at $16.46, up $0.41 for the week.

If you have been reading these posts for long you are well aware that I do not have a way with words, typing out these posts does not come easy for me. I’ve spent the last few minutes trying to figure out how to say this…

There’s a lot going on.

The reason it took me so long to figure out how to say that there’s a lot going on is that, there’s A LOT going on that we are not being told on the main stream news, it’s almost as if we are not suppose to know or care.

I’m in this all day everyday, and I enjoy it, it does weigh heavy on you when you have all this in your head all the time. As a result you start seeing the dots connect in ways that most couldn’t.  Not because we (those of us who search for answers) are any smarter than anyone else, god knows me a smart are a long ways apart.  I read, I research and I think, I analyze and I connect the dots as best I can. It doesn’t take a lot of brains to see some of this stuff, it does take having your eyes open to it.

Any and every time I come across news as this (news that I can verify), I can’t help but put the pieces together, although many may not think the pieces even belong to the same puzzle. I assure you they do!

We have recently been talking about China, Russia and the other BRICS going gold with their trades, we’ve talked about the stock market bubble we are in (massive bubble if you ask me), the dollar falling, our treasuries being dissed, the Fed saying all is well, but putting together plans that say otherwise…I can go on and on.  What it boils down to is ultimate governmental control…over everything.

Obviously that is a VERY broad and generalized statement and I am ok with that.  Did you read my post from two weeks ago about the borrower being a slave to the lender? If not here is a link.

What is the easiest way to own someone these days? Have them indebted to you, indebted financially is the way and means of choice, obviously.

The very first dollar you ever earned, technically, at that moment, you were indebted to the government.  How do you ensure that everyone is indebted to you, you control the money, how do you control the money? You govern it. You print it, you regulate it, you tax it, you hold it (or very tightly rule those who do, i.e. Banks), you manipulate it.

Sounds like we are well under the government’s control and we are, but there are still some loose ends.

What are the loose ends? One is cash. I want to talk a moment about how our wonderfully brilliant government is about to go cashless.

I’ll start by saying this, should the BRICS (and most of the world who’ll follow them) drop the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, we (the US) will be cashless within six months, wait and see.

What got me thinking about this was a “challenge” that VISA (one of the top credit card issuers in the world) put out to all food service businesses.  Click this link to read about the “challenge” directly from VISA’s website.

Let me tell you what they are doing on the surface and then let me tell you what and why they are actually conducting this “challenge”.

As with the Russian/Chinese gold trading setup that I’ve been covering for a couple years having officially come to fruition, I have been talking about a push to a cashless society pretty much for the same amount of time.

What Visa is doing is enticing businesses to go cashless, I think that is apparent. I will not bore you with details, here’s the quick version.

Visa is saying that they will “award” up to $500,000 to as many as 50 eligible US based food service businesses who commit to becoming 100% cashless.

Why the food industry? Studies have shown that more people pay for their restaurant meals in cash when compared to most any other industry.  Should Visa have even the slightest level of success in this “challenge” their profits will increase  exponentially. It’s really a genius plan.

I’ll let you do the math, Visa charges on average (most businesses have a tiered system) approximately 1.5% of the purchase plus $0.10 per swipe (add to that the cost of the credit card machine, insurance, bank CC transaction fees, additional interchange fees and you know why prices go up when credit cards are involved and don’t you worry those CC costs are priced in if you use cash or not).  We know they get on average $0.10 and approximately 1.5% per transaction, how much goes on Visa’s per years? Nearly $1.4 trillion in purchases and billions in transactions.

You can easily see why they would be willing to give away up to $500,000.

Do I even need to talk about we are tracked when using credit cards? It’s a “no duh” that the government, Visa and anyone else willing to pay would have access to your spending habits and have access at most anytime. The government gets it for free, others pay Visa for it.

What will the government’s excuse/explanation be if/when they take away cash and go all digital?

It’ll be the same as it is now with the required IRS documentation of any purchase over $10,000 in cash – so that the government can track and fight terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex trade, tax evasion and other nefarious uses of money.

Goodness knows if you have more than $10K in cash on you odds are you fall in one of those categories, according the government or at least that will be the excuse to monitor you.  Is this an example of hyperbole?  Tell yourself whatever  you need to.

If you take away cash you take away one more piece of whatever privacy we have left.

What’s so amazing and intriguing  to me is that the government is so good with screwing with our heads (psychological warfare?) that they have us willingly giving away our rights in the name of freedom!  Think about that for a second.

Again, if you read these regularly you know that I have often said that I believe that the US uses other countries as guinea pigs to see how the people react to financial policies that they may want to eventually impose on us.  Let’s look at a few foreign countries who have tried (or are trying) some form of cashless ness.

In Sweden many banks will not take in or give out cash (yes, banks). This has resulted in approximately 95% of all retail transactions in Sweden being digital.

Most all of the EU have accepted an “action plan” passed down by the European Commission that is asking establishments to put limits on taking larger denomination cash. That means they are getting rid of bills over 50 euros. Once these big bills are turned in the banks, the banks hold them and give out smaller denominations.  Businesses have also been “encouraged” (it has not been dictated as of yet, just highly recommended) to put a limit on cash purchases. For example, no cash for purchases over $500 euros. Eventually they can keep lowering this limit until cash is not accepted.

We are seeing a semblance of this here in the US as well. More and more banks are giving out $20 in leu of $100 (or $50s).

Australia went a step further, down under they have a “Black Economy Taskforce” that searches for heavy users of cash.  It’s their sole responsibility. Find those evil cash spenders and stop them. Supposedly they are only looking for tax evaders and “under the table” payers.

It gets better! Are you ready for this? Down under, they have even proposed nano-chips be placed in their 50 and higher denomination bills (similar to the strip on our blue $100 bill). These nano-chips  will be capable of being read at distance and through walls so that someone could drive by, scan your house or business (or anywhere obviously) and know if you had bills stored. But don’t worry, only this special task force will have the technology to read these nano-chipped bills.

You can’t make this stuff up!  Click here if you want to read about for yourself!

I think you and I know where this is going.  Sadly, most other Americans (those who don’t read my posts – *wink* *wink* – get you family and friends to subscribe) have no idea what’s going on other than Trump is the devil and is being lead by Russia. What a legit distraction that is… and by legit I mean worthless.

There are many “cons” to a cashless system, but there are “pros” too, I really couldn’t think of too many.

Everyone would have to register to use the system, like a new SSN for transactions. The government could put conditions on who would be able to open a bank account, sell goods and services, heck, even get a job, you want to hire and pay your friend to do some yard work for you, the government will know about it. With a cashless society all levels of government could and would control us all in most every way.

As with most everything our government gets their hands in to there are more cons than pros (interpret that however you please).

Will this happen to us? You may say that this is worthy of a ten gallon tin foil hat. Did you ever think Donald Trump would be president of the United States? Did you ever think that China and Russia would ever start trading in gold? Did you ever think that although there 5+ gender classifications people can simply choose from never mind XX and XY?  Did you ever think the Cubs would ever win another World Series…and yet, here we are.  It’s happening already, you find amble, verifiable proof yourself, just do a little research and reading. It’s happening.

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