We’re on TV – Show time CORRECTION!

When my wife and I got the news the evening of Friday, October 27, from the producers at HGTV that our show was airing Monday, October 30, we were in a rush to let our friends and family know.  In my rush, I over looked that the producers sent us East coast airing times!

IF and that’s a big IF anyone is interested in watching our episode of “Living Alaska”, it airs:

Monday, October 30, at 6:00pm PST on GAC TV (Great American Channel) and again at 10PM PST.

If you have never met me, and want to “meet me” and my wife, watch us this Monday (probably embarrass ourselves – I am certain we broke a record for the longest blooper reel!!) on “Living Alaska”!

I hope you can tune in! And feel free to make fun of me, I pray the editors were kind.  We had a blast filming for this show, it was a TON of fun!

Again, If you miss the Monday 6:00PM PST airing it airs again Monday night at 10PM PST, and again Monday, November 20 at 7:00PM and 11:00PM PST! 


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