We are on TV – Tune in!

As some of you may know, most of you probably don’t, my wife and I have a small business in Ketchikan, Alaska.  This summer we were chosen to have an episode of the HGTV show “Living Alaska” film about us looking for houses in Ketchikan.  Don’t worry, we are not leaving San Diego, Pacific Coin Exchange isn’t going anywhere!

We were given notice just yesterday that our episode is slated to air THIS MONDAY,  October 30th!!

If you have never met me, and want to “meet me” and my wife, watch us this Monday (probably embarrass ourselves – I am certain we broke a record for the longest blooper reel!!) on “Living Alaska”!

PLEASE  be sure to check your local listings! In in some markets it will air on HGTV, in others, including San Diego, it’ll be airing on HGTV’s sister station, GAC TV  (Great American Country TV).  It airs at 6:00pm on the west coast.

I hope you can tune in! And feel free to make fun of me, I pray the editors were kind.  We had a blast filming for this show, it was a TON of fun!

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