Week in Review – July 28, 2017

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If you have been reading these posts, you know that I’ve had to type out a couple more posts this week than I usually do. There’s a lot of moving parts out there that are effecting the markets.

I’ll keep this week’s week in review short sweet and to the point since I’ve hit you with a lot already this week.  Don’t worry, I am currently researching a couple of interesting topics for you for next week! Stay tuned…

This week’s week in review:

Gold prices opened the week at $1,258. We saw gold trade as high as $1,270 (today, Friday, July 28) and as low as $1,246 Gold closed the week at $1,270, up $12 for the week. Not bad being that we were in the $1220’s a a bit earlier this month. Gold support is around $1,255 then $1,242, and then $1,230, resistance is $1,284, then $1,309, and then $1,338.

Silver opened the week at $16.52. We saw silver trade as high as $16.76 and as low as $16.34. Silver closed for the week at  and the Monex AM settlement price on Friday was $16.83, up $0.31 for the week. Silver support is now sitting around $16.65, then $16.45, and then $16.15 with resistance at $16.95, then $17.30, and then $17.65.

The DJIA opened the week at 21569.24, hit a low of 21506.85, a high of 21834.83, closing the week at the highest the Dow has ever closed at week at, 21830.21 (can you believe this?) up 260.97 for the week.

Oil opened the week at $45.76, hit a low of $45.63, hit a high of $49.80, which was the week’s closing price. Oil closed up $4.04 for the week.

The Dollar was the only loser this week opening at 93.57, hitting a high of 93.91, a low of 93.11, closing the week at 93.20, down 0.37 for the week.

How do I know something is going on deeper than we are being told? One, gold AND the Dow AND Oil are ALL closing higher, each posting some bigger than usual gains this week. You don’t see that very often.  That usually means something is brewing. May be not, we’ll have to wait and see.  Either way, you better have some financial insurance!

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