Week in Review and a kind suggestion too!

Buy Gold Buy SilverThis has been sad week of course starting with the tragedy in Las Vegas (tragedy is not the word, there are no words one can use for such).  We had the jobs reports coming in with 90K plus jobs expected in September, which was still a low expectation, the surprise hit when we ended up losing over 33K jobs instead.

We’ve learned more about the horrible destruction in Puerto Rico, and North Korea threatening another launch of missile that Russia has said is capable of hitting the western US. It’s hard to find any good news these days and that really weighs heavy on my heart.  This is why I whole heatedly recommend you try what I call a random act of kindness.

A random act of kindness is when you do something kind for a stranger and/or someone in need. For example, one of my favorite things to do is, if I see a family at store with a child or children I’ll buy a toy and ask the cashier to give it to that family when they come through the line. One of the easiest is to tell a cashier to put your change towards the order of the person behind you (or if you use a card, add a couple dollars and ask the cashier to apply it to the next person).  I have walked in restaurant, not planning to eat but I picked out a table and pay for their meal and leave with them non the wiser about it, until they go to check out and they learn someone has taken care of it.  I do it to hopefully make put a positive vibe in their day and hopefully in their life.  I have been “caught” before, it’s awkward, sure, but it is a great feeling when someone tells you how what you did helped them or they truly needed it.

In this day and age we need to help each other, even if it’s one of these simple “random acts of kindness”.  I used to try giving passing compliments…”hey, that’s a great shirt”, “I love your hat”, etc…that’s a little too weird for a bald bearded guy with a slight southern accent, people wonder what I’m up to verses taking the compliment for what it is.  I stopped that.  You could probably get away with it, I don’t have the “look” for it so I’ll stick to staying anonymous.  That is except when it comes to Pacific Coin Exchange, I am adamant about helping anyone and everyone protect there hard earned dollars.

Let’s take a look at what happened in the markets last week.

Gold opened last week at $1,274. We saw gold trade as high as $1,278 and as low as $1,261. Gold closed for the week at $1277 up $3 for the week.  Gold support is now around $1,268 then $1,252, and then $1,240.  Gold’s resistance is approximately $1,290, then $1,310, and then $1,335.

Silver opened the week at $16.57. We saw silver trade as high as $16.85 and as low as $16.31. Silver closed the week at  $16.91, up $0.34 for the week. Silver support is around $16.70, then $16.35, and then $16.20 with resistance anticipated at $17.10, then $17.35, and then $17.75.

The DJIA broke more records this week. The DJIA opened the week at 22423.47 which was the low for the week, with a high of 22776.15, closing the week at 22768.08, up 344.61 for the week.

The dollar opened the week at 93.44 which was the low for the week. The dollar hit a high of 94.04 and closed the week at 93.62, up .18 for the week.

Oil opened the week at $50.41, hit a high of $51.03 and a low of $49.13, closing the week at $49.22, down $1.19 for the week.

We are going in to what historically has been one of the most volatile times of the year for all markets. If you aren’t familiar with the term “the October effect” check that out, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  The next few weeks will be interesting and I hope positive in all ways with no more tragedies to report or see.  We can’t control what others will do, however, we can control what we do, do something positive.

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