There will be wars and rumors of wars…

Buy Gold Buy SilverPresident Trump just spent the longest amount of time in Asia than any president in the last 25 years. Which isn’t really saying much. Big deal, so what if a couple of Bushes, a Clinton and Obama spent a few less days at time in Asian territories. I wondered why this was such a big deal with the media. I figured there must be something more to this trip.  The question is why did he spend as much time as he did, where he did.

I’ll cut to the chase, it looks as if this may have been a trip to speak to the people who could impede and/or help implement the next step in dealing with North Korea (and Iran, and potentially China and/or Russia).

Trump met with some of the heads of state of Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines (among others).

It has been rumored (there’s no way to verify or validate this for certain) that Trump’s point and purpose was to rally allies and meet with potential allies and/or potential foes in the area so to get a feel of sentiments of them all.

According to an article you can find on (if you trust them or not, they can provide a good starting point in to further investigating these types of arguments), there are four possible outcomes in the US vs. NK saga, I am going to add a fifth:

1. Kim Jung Un stands down and gives up his nuclear weapons program. (my opinion, no chance)

2. The U.S. and China combine forces to decapitate the Kim dynasty and force regime change in North Korea. (fat chance)

3. Preventive attack on North Korea by the U.S. in the next few weeks to early 2018. (seems to be likely)

4. The U.S. accepts a nuclear-armed North Korea and relies on containment and deterrence to constrain its actions. (no chance)

5. This banter continues as one of many means of fear mongering keeping us on edge, allowing the government to continue to do and spend whatever they want in the name of national security. (probably what’s going to happen)

Based on these options and what we know about the situation and NK, I’m guessing #5 has the highest odds, followed closely by #3.  I do think that we could strike NK, which would make #5 stronger, I seriously doubt that there will be any nuclear weapons used.  I could be wrong, I hope I am right.

I think Trump spent as much time in China as he could, convincing the Chinese of our plan, getting their approval to prolong this sadistic sitcom with NK, while making sure China knows that we have no intentions of hindering China’s growth in anyway, economic or militarily. That may be a bit far fetched, however, if we ever did have even the slightest intention to invade NK, China is the main reason we haven’t (in my opinion).

China wants that area, they will not allow the US to simply come in and over take NK or instigate a regime change instilling a government that will cater to our will, that’s not in China’s best interest. On the other side of that coin, we are not willing to risk getting destroyed over that tiny piece of land and I assure you China could destroy us.

The last thing we want to somehow escalate this into a war, economic or otherwise, with China. We will not win in either instance. I truly believe it would be the end of life as we know it, if the world were to survive a war between the two largest superpowers on the planet.

I honestly can not imagine anyone would go full nuclear strike. It’s true I have been screwed over more times than I like to admit for giving people the benefit of the doubt, giving NK, China and the US the benefit of the doubt I can’t see how anyone with half a brain cell would call for a nuclear strike.

Should there be a nuclear war, I don’t think we are not talking Hiroshima levels here, we are talking much stronger, and we know how what happened at Hiroshima changed the world.

The nuclear weapons that would be dropped today would not only change the world, but quite possibly destroy it. IF you believe what we have been told about nuclear weapons.  I’ve never personally been present at the testing of nuclear weapon, all I have to go off of is what we are told a nuclear weapon would/could actually do.

It’s all conjecture, until a bomb is dropped.  The question is could Kim Jung Un really be that stupid? Could we? Or are we being fed an image of  Kim Jung Un that makes us fear he would be that stupid (or evil)? While I’m asking questions, let’s go full flower child here and say why does anyone need a nuclear weapon anyway?

Let’s go with the slightly less than worst case scenario and look at this from a conventional warfare point of view (for lack of a better term), a war without the use of world destroying nuclear weapons, as it could relate to the price of gold and other assets.  I am not sure conventional warfare is a fare way to state it, I think you get my drift.

From what I can gather, a strike (aka: war) against NK would cause the world to move their money in to safe havens, asset classes that fund the war machines.   The Dollar and Euro would benefit most. I think that we could even see inflation rates jumps, which would make the Fed happy…that is unless China got involved and decided to flood the market with dollars, which would hurt them, but it would hurt us worse and cause hyper-inflation.

In either case, the world’s banks and big players would jump to gold as it would be unclear how a strike and/or  the repercussions of a strike would affect the global paper markets.  This could cause gold to soar!  If the a conflict hit a full scale war, our stock market could rally along with gold.  Our defense contractors, tech companies, steel companies, sectors that are needed to support a war effort would carry the stock market. The rest of the world would be heavier in gold, ensuring that both our stock market and gold would go up in (potential) tandem.

We have no idea what is truly going on. The only thing that we know for certain is that gold and silver are the truest forms of financial insurance and a hedge against inflation.  Do you have insurance?


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